Turnpike (Offline) Tag Manipulation

20010225 David Sanderson

The procedures described here were tested using V4.01, and checked in V5.01 of Turnpike, they are relatively simplistic in that I have only one 'Seat', and no 'Workgroups' are involved.

Turnpike Offline's Help uses the term "Mail list" (not to be confused with a "Mailing list") to describe the view of a batch of messages with a particular tag or set of tags (Tag-List), messages pulled from the address book (Address-Message-List), the contents of a Mailbox (Mailbox), the Out tray (Out-tray), or even the Mailroom (Mailroom).
With any particular Mail list in focus, the tag(s) of any message can be seen by "right-clicking" on the message and selecting "Properties" from the drop down menu.

There are numerous pages devoted to "tags" in the Turnpike Offline Help file. There is also a section in the Tutorial which covers other aspects of tagging that do not appear to be mentioned in Help.

This paragraph may be rubbish, but is included as the observations made might have some semblance of reality.
As far as I can tell, tag names are stored internally and numbered, any new tag created being given the next number in sequence. When a tag is deleted, its number is not used again - any further new tags being 'tagged' onto the end of the hidden numerical list. Should this be the case, it would make sense (to byte misers) not to delete redundant tags, but to re-use them by editing to the new name rather than letting the internal tag storage list grow ad infinitum.

Tags may be manually added or removed to/from messages by means of the Tags... button that is visible at the bottom of the open message. For messages in the Out tray, going via "Inspect" on the right-click drop-down menu will enable the message tags to be modified without affecting the time-stamps.
Tags may also be automatically added to emails by configuring mailboxes - any emails received or originated via that mailbox will then be tagged appropriately.
Any "posts" to a newsgroup will have that newsgroup tag added (or newsgroups if cross-posted) when the article is "posted".

The terms Tag-List, Mailroom, Mailbox, Out-tray, and Address-Message-List are used below to describe the differing lists that can be viewed as Mail lists.

At the risk of being obvious, the Mailroom holds the master list of all messages, emails sent/received and newsgroup articles posted by the user. As far as I can tell, the only messages that are not seen in the Mailroom are those which are on the Turnpike Desktop as individual messages and have not yet been 'posted' (and obviously, those in the Waste basket).
The various 'Lists' (Tag-List, Out-tray, Address-Message-List, and Mailbox) are effectively selective views of the Mailroom list.

Deleting any message from one of these selective views, or dragging-&-dropping it onto the Turnpike Waste basket deletes the message, not only from that view, but also from the Mailroom. In other words, it's gone, unless rescued from the Waste basket.

Dragging or Control-dragging a message from the Turnpike Waste basket to a Tag-List does not add or remove any tags (hence that message may not appear in the Tag-List), but the message is added to the Mailroom list.

Most of the methods mentioned here are already documented in the Help file, but are mentioned again to show the overall picture.
The application of tags when importing mail can be found in a couple of notes in the Help file, Help/Index/Import/Importing mail and news.

Manipulating Message Tags

In the following actions, Control-drag means click & drag while holding down the 'Control key'.
Note: Messages (only incoming are allowed) are usually dropped onto a Mailbox to utilize the Sender:, From:, Reply-To: headers, and Sig-file properties of that Mailbox for a reply. The dropped messages do not take on the tags of that Mailbox, nor do any replies to those messages.

Use the 'Mail list' wizard (Menu->File->New->New mail list..) to build a Mail list (Tag-List) with the desired tags.
If it is intended to Drag-&-Drop between two Tag-Lists, then it might be more convenient to build the destination Tag-List first and minimize it to the Turnpike Desktop. Messages can then be dropped on this icon.

Selecting Messages from a Mail list

The standard Windows methods apply -

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