Installing new Access.tpk and Tariff.tpk files for Surftime

It is quite important to follow every step. Some people complained that they didn’t work - they had downloaded and placed the files in the Turnpike folder and then didn’t see any effect - things like delete the existing Demon.acc file passed them by.

Note that Access.tpk contains details of connections - it contains the information needed to create an acc file for each ISP you use; Tariff.tpk contains details of the tariffs relating to the telephone companies - each connection you have needs to be related to the appropriate tariff so that the correct costs (or approximation of them) can be shown in Call Costs.

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 at 13:07:33, Paul Overell wrote in (Reference: <>):


Following the recent announcement of the “Demon Premier Connect” and “Demon Premier Connect Plus” packages, we have updated 2 files on


Contains a new version of Demon.acc.


Contains several new tariff files for use with Call Costs


These upgrades (which can be used together or separately) will be useful to Turnpike users with a Demon Account who wish to take advantage of the new 0844 PoP numbers. They are suitable for any version of Turnpike up to the current v5.01.

For full details of the new Demon products and the choices available see:

Upgrade Details:

Access.tpk changes:

1.  The contained Demon.acc file has 4 new PoP number entries, which are g4 & g5 numbers for analogue & ISDN dial up.

2.  Demon.acc other ISDN numbers:

0845 079 8667 previously called Blue Romp, is renamed Red ROMP. 0845 079 8665 (Blue ROMP) added; this recently announced new number is for bonded ISDN access @ 128K.

3.  Demon.acc: the access provider name, previously “Demon Internet Ltd.” is changed to just “Demon”. This is only a formality and has little effect. In particular no connection names (even the default one:

“Demon Internet Ltd.”) will be changed.

4.  Demon.acc and most of the other access provider files:

The configuration question about Organization has been changed so that it no longer insists on or encourages specifying an Organization if inappropriate. (The change will only be noticed when configuring Turnpike for a new access provider.)

Access.tpk steps to upgrade:

1.  Download the new Access.tpk file.

2.  Important: If you use other ISPs as well as Demon, ensure that the last selected connection is a Demon one (that doesn’t have to be the last one actually dialled though).

3.  Exit from Turnpike and Connect.

You must do that to release the files so that they can be deleted.

4.  Delete or rename, in your Turnpike directory, the old Access.tpk and Demon.acc (if renaming Demon.acc use a different file extension e.g. Demon.001).

5.  Copy the new Access.tpk into the Turnpike directory.

You can just copy the file but this ensures that you really replace the old one.

6.  Run Connect and expect an error message that Demon.acc is missing; press OK.

If you don’t get that message, you are using the old Demon.acc so go back to step 3.

7.  Step through the Initial Setup wizard pages, selecting “...already have a Demon Account” and re-entering your login password. Near the end you can select one of the new PoP numbers (for the current connection), or edit or create new connections to use them later.


At this stage, the new numbers should have appeared in the drop down list on the “Connect to the Internet” screen. Either choose an existing connection or create a new one and then edit it.

Tariff.tpk changes:

Six new BT tariffs have been added for g4 numbers with or without calling circle discounts, and g5 numbers with or without a Surftime package. The tariffs appear in the list of carriers prefixed by “BT (0844 09)” and “BT (0844 04)”.

To give the full details:

G5 tariff:

BT 0844 (04) - with no further detail

This is the tariff if you have no form of Surftime.

BT 0844 (04) Surftime Anytime

BT 0844 (04) Surftime Evenings and Weekends


) These two should be self-explanatory



G4 tariff:

BT 0844 (09) - with no discounts

BT 0844 (09) Friends and Family

BT 0844 (09) Best Friend

Tariff.tpk steps to upgrade:

1.  Download the new Tariff.tpk file.

2.  Exit from Turnpike and Connect.

3.  Delete or rename, in your Turnpike directory, the old Tariff.tpk

4.  Copy the new Tariff.tpk into the Turnpike directory.

5.  You will then be able to associate any of the new tariffs with a connection in the usual way, using the “More...” button to extract the one(s) required.

It is the last bit which seems to have caused the most problems. Once you have loaded the correct file, in Connect, Click on Call Costs, Configure and then Carriers. There you will get a list of the tariffs you are currently using, associated with the connections already set up.

For each connection with which you want to associate a G4/5 tariff (and they must already have been created for you to do this), highlight the connection (which includes the line showing the tariff) and click Alter Carrier. You will then see a list of the tariffs you have already set up. If you don’t see the ones you want (which you probably won’t since you haven’t used them yet), click More and select from the list.

What this process won’t do is change the tariff shown on any call already made. To do that, you must highlight the call (or calls) you want to change, right click on a highlighted call and select change carrier. Then select the carrier from the list and click OK.