The Official Turnpike Six FAQ The Official Turnpike FAQ for other versions
The unofficial FAQ for users of Turnpike Six The unofficial FAQ for users of Turnpike v5x
Useful Tips for those using Turnpike Six The Demon Newusers FAQ
The Which News Group FAQ General Netiquette Guidelines

Christine-Ann Martin's NTLWorld .acc
Robert Hammond's alternative NTLWorld .acc
Peter Scoular provides a guide to using NTL World which includes Cable (as well as amplifying some of the above).
Peter Scoular's guide to using Turnpike v5 with other ISP's
The official guide to using PGP with Turnpike David Sanderson's Overview of the undocumented Score Facility in Turnpike v5
David Sanderson's Library of Things Demonite David Sanderson's Guide to using Tags with Turnpike v5
Michael Bernardi's Internet Guides A guide to using Surftime with Turnpike v5
Michael Bernardi's Demon Linux links page Andy Hart's guide to configuring RazzNum to work with Demon, Surftime and Turnpike v5